Season 13 of The Bob & Angus Show begins!

The 13th season of “The Bob & Angus Show” was launched today. The Bob & Angus Show is a comedy web series stars puppet “newsrams” Bob MacWordell (Dean Steeves), Angus McPeters (Drew Kallen), and newsewe Claire O’Brien (Stacey Gordon). Over 200 episodes are available on YouTube where the news sheep talk about board games, geek culture and ovine life style for the popular board game publisher, Mayfair Games. The series has also produced a number of spoofs on other popular media titles such as TV series “Mad Men”, and “The Twilight Zone” and films like “The Shining.”

The sheep have become iconic in the game industry. They have been seen on Times Square Jumbotrons and on television in several major markets. The characters can often be found at game and science fiction conventions interacting with crowds and interviewing celebrities.

Making a puppet show for video is unlike any other filming project and we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in. The sheep make me laugh every time we film.

The Bob & Angus Show is a Mayfair Games production in association with Seelie Studios and Pulp Gamer Media. The show can be seen on Pulp Gamer Media,the Mayfair Games YouTube channel, “mayfairgamesmovies” or at

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