What We Do

We tell your story and extend your corporate culture to an eagerly awaiting audience of new fans. Seelie Studios will embrace your values and put our storytellers to work to create a custom package that will translate your story into a mix of mediums that your audience is already looking for. We will build upon your brand and prop you up as a leader in your community and your marketplace. All of this to win hearts and timeless customer loyalty that will put you ahead of your competition and add value to the lives of your patrons. Your package may include some of the following elements:

Content Marketing/Branded Entertainment

Create the content your audience is looking for and become their go-to source. Fill their needs and build relationships with them along the way. They are bombarded by countless messages every day. By building the message they are looking for and filling their need for information and entertainment, you are the one who wins their attention and their affection. Build up your own subscription base and become a leader in your field of expertise.

Video Series/Web Series Development

It is incredible how much we learn from our entertainment and how much the images of our world are shaped by them. This is your opportunity to write the script. With the right balance of dialog and images, you can introduce your theme and your message in a way that respects the viewer and adds value to their day. This can be as complicated as a space drama, or as simple as a tip-of-the day series. Each will inform, amuse, and build good-will.


Transmedia Storytelling/Alternate Reality Games

Entertainment doesn’t have to live on YouTube alone. Take your brand to the next level and immerse your audience in an interactive story worthy of headlines. Soon your fans will be collecting clues, visiting local venues, and using your hashtag to solve mysteries together. Pushing the boundaries of entertainment keeps you on the leading edge of entertainment, creates press-worthy events, and sets you apart in the minds of early adopters.

Training, Tutorial, and Demonstration Videos

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” definitely applies when it comes to how-to videos. So much information you wouldn’t dream of adding to a script gets told without your realization by simply showing what you are doing. For this reason, YouTube has become a leading outlet for this kind of information. Give your audience the confidence they need to use your product and they will.

Product Placement/Headline Sponsorship

We have stories ready to be told to an audience of millions of speculative fiction fans across our country and the world. This is the creative and clever community that we are proud to be a part of. Our fans are educated, explorative, and early adopters. They are hungry for quality content that we can deliver together. Your product is introduced to our fans, and our fans are grateful that you have provided the means to tell a good story.


Podcasting is a powerful and economical way to build a relationship with your fans. Record timeless information that will be downloaded for years to come. Users download your content online, and listen to it offline while exercising or during their commute. There are few opportunities where you will have this kind of attention from your audience.


Internet & Television Commercials

Your commercials can do more with a good story and campaign behind it. Put our creative team to work and stand out in your community. It’s hard to cut through the clutter. Build something worth remembering and you will.

Studio Rental and Professional Hands

If you already have a script and your own creative team, we have the studio, the equipment, and the people you need to finish the job. We have a great environment to work in and some of the most creative and intelligent people one could ever come to know.