MasterPieces Works of Ahhh 3D Painting App Promo

Works of Ahhh… has become a brand standard in wood painting kits. Now with our new painting App you can plan your project from start to finish! The painting app is equipped with everything you would normally get in your Works of Ahhh… real wood craft kit. Now you can get your project just right by practicing on the App until you’re ready to start painting. If you’re not planning, you can play forever and make endless versions of your project.

MasterPieces Jigsaw Puzzle App Promo

Introducing the new Jigsaw Puzzle App for Apple and Android devices by MasterPieces Puzzle Company! Look for the “Bonus Puzzle” on boxes from MasterPieces. Each of these products automatically load free premier image into our new digital puzzle App. All piece counts and added features come FREE in the App. The App is filled with hundreds of licensed artwork that puzzlers have come to expect from a quality company like MasterPieces.