Why Seelie

Aside from being a lot of fun, there are more reasons to work with us:

You want to tell your story.

You want to work with a media partner that you can connect with, that gets you, and can translate that into something your audience is looking for. There is a reason you do what you do and you have a story to tell that your fans will connect with. You want to strengthen your brand to represent your values and invoke even more positivity.

You want to build a relationship with your fans.

The trust of your fans is important to you. You are more than a provider of products and services. You are a leader in your market and in the communities you serve and you want to further demonstrate that. You want your patrons to know that you have the ability and the willingness to add something to their lives.

You want your audience to come to you.

You know your niche and want to add value to it. You want to build brand ambassadors and a fan base for your business. You want to reach early adopters and the consumer influencers of your particular market. You want to be in front of new people when they are most open to hearing from you.

You want to strengthen your brand.

You want to be associated with well-produced, enjoyable, and relevant media that establishes you as an industry leader, a thought leader, and a community leader. You want to be ahead of the curve, staying in the minds of your audience. You want to be seen as cutting edge and highly relevant in our rapidly changing world.

You want to use your marketing dollars effectively.

Everyone is bombarded with thousands of messages every day; messages that interrupt the content your prospects are seeking out. You want instead to provide the content your audience wants. You want to be in front of them wherever they are on their mobile devices when they are most open to hearing from you. You want your audience talking about the amazing things that you do on social media and in the press.

You want to use your marketing dollars efficiently.

For an investment similar to adding one or two people to your staff, you could have an entire cast, crew, and team of experts working to tell your story. You want timeless content that will last and become stronger year after year. You want solutions that are customized and scalable to meet your goals as well as your budget and are trackable with conclusive metrics.

You want to be working with the right people.

You want to work with someone you can count on to make your life easier and let you do what you do best. You want someone that can make deadlines and that you don’t have to chase down. You want a partner that knows you and that you can turn to when you need something else done or need to make a course correction.

You want to increase revenue.

You want to add to your already successful business, a long term effective strategy that will result in a fan base that feels connected to you and will be ready to come to you when their needs meet your goods. You want to find other potential revenue streams you didn’t even imagine existed.