We love telling stories

Telling stories is important and we're very good at it. We tell stories through professionally produced multimedia, such as video, audio, the written word and more. We've been at this as a company for more then a decade and we have some really terrific people on our team. We think that work is important and we believe that the way a story is delivered and the business model around it is almost as important as the story itself.

Programs for Artists


We love a good book and we love the people who write them. Seelie Studios has formed a strategic partnership with Hadrosaur Productions to offer specialized services for select  authors, including audio books, book trailers publishing and marketing consultation services and a top secret new program in progress.  


Music is an important part of any multimedia product. Continuing our tradition of Making amazing,award winning music videos for great musicians, Seelie Studios is accepting select musicians as clients and offering music video production and marketing services, marketing consultation services and design services. 

Recent Projects

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Movie Poster for El Patron (The Master) Featurig actor Rogelio Camarillo carryng a gun and two, silver harmony balls.
Reveng of Zoe movie poster featuring atrists renditions of a suprheroine with a huge gun , a dstraugh bearded man and a typerwrter. Art by Karl Ottersberg
Early Movie oster fr thewebseries My Stolen Time Machine, Featuring actress Sara Mirasola playing several characters.

The Latest News

Zoe poster 27x40 final 800px_edited.jpg

Comic Book Diaries Films

After an amazing 2 screening world premiere at the TusCon sci fi, fantasy and horror convention "Revenge of Zoe", the second to the last in the critically acclaimed "Comic Book Diaries" feature film series is well into its film festival run. So far the film has  been an official selection at the Gen Con Film Festival in Indianapolis , Indiana; the Newark International Film Festival in Newark New Jersey; The Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas Nevada (where it won Best Sci Fi Feature Film); and the Arizona Underground Film Festival.

Meanwhile, "The Love Song of William H. Shaw", the final film in the series, has officially begun production. With the blessing of the convention committee, the team shot multiple scenes intended to take place at a fan convention live at the actual TusCon sci fi, fantasy and horror convention. Close to 200 fans signed up to be extras in the film and a few were even given speaking roles!  The shoot included cameos by world famous and soon to be famous creators, including Johnathan Mayberry; Weston Oaches; Linda Addison; Chaz Kemp; David Lee Summers; William R. Herr; R.L. Clayton; Frank Powers, and, of course, the return of the ever amazing Timothy Zahn.  Several TusCon committee members played, Tuscon Staff members. A total blast was had by all  and the scenes are super funny.  Meanwhile Revenge of Zoe did an encore screening at the same convention after a filming day and fans joined cast and crew for a lively Q&A session . Pondo Enterprises has just launched an Indigogo campaign to help finish the the series. Check it out here

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