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For Musicians


Like everyone, we love good music. After all what's a movie without a great soundtrack and what's a hit album without an amazing music video. So we've recently started programs for musicians here at Seelie Studios. We love to collaborate with musicians and create something memorable that is a true fit for the feel of your music and the story you want to leave your audience with.

We can offer à la carte services such as music video casting or script consultation or we can produce and market a complete music video of any size and any level of complexity.  We can also connect you with film and media producers looking for original music for their existing film/tv/multimedia projects and help you to find a good fit. Some of those productions might even be our own. We make a lot of multi media after all.

Additionally, we can design your album covers and marketing materials and consult on your marketing process. We can even produce a live show for you. Yep we've done that quite a few times.


Below are links to two music videos and an album cover we designed for K-Bass and Farafina Musiki, a longtime client.

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They Pretend Music Video/Short Film

This 5 time award winning music video was designed to make K-Bass look like what he really is. A super-hero. A world class and record holding cross country runner, martial artist and trained nurse, K-Bass is also one of the most amazingly inspiring performers we've ever met. We wrote, cast, produced and released this project and submitted it to film festivals on K-Bass' behalf. The band had a blast working with us to create characters and choose their costumes. And yes, there's even a movie poster and an IMDB page for the project. The comment from K-Bass fans "More please!"


This video was shot in the Sonoran Desert in Picture Rocks Arizona.

Check out the IMDB page for the project here.

TP movie poster for IMDB.jpg

Faso the Album


Photo by Marthha Lochert

K-Bass wanted a clean design that was personal and reminded people that  he loves to perform live. An excellent photographer we contracted took "the cover shot" and we  consulted on the cover design, the internal pages, back cover and, the design of the CD.  We worked closely with K-Bass' lead backup singer and artist Lynn Fritts who has significant design experience. We used a combination of photos taken by K-Bass from a trip back home to Côte d'Ivoire on the west coast of Africa, and concert photos, taken by one of our photographers. We crafted the language for the entire package and got the CDs printed and delivered. K-Bass Fans bought a lot of them at his amazing live concerts. We also produced the launch party for the CD release and the social media campaigns for the release.


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