Who We Are

Seelie Studios® is a content marketing and branded entertainment multimedia studio, specializing in building extreme customer engagement through cutting edge methods such as original web-series, branded entertainment, content placement, transmedia and alternate reality gaming.

Seelie Studios was founded in 2005 as “Pulp Gamer Media” by popular podcaster and company President and CEO Don Dehm. Initially the company exclusively served the promotional video needs of board game and role playing game companies. The company had humble beginnings, initially operating out of Don’s living room and eventually growing to the point where Seelie Studios has a full time staff, multiple contractors and a dedicated, sound baffled studio with offices, storage spaces, a props department, etc.

The company became well known in the game world. Realizing that the company’s experience in the highly competitive and high audience engagement world of analog gaming could bring a new level of value to companies outside of the gaming world, the company rebranded in 2014 as Seelie Studios® and is now approaching new markets.

If your company is looking to expand into new markets, to increase its visibility and audience capture within its target market and to make sure it is noticed in a world glutted with online messaging, and if you’ve noticed like so many others, that traditional advertising is becoming more and more expensive and less and less effective, Seelie Studios brings a unique and effective approach.

If you win a consumer’s heart you win their loyalty and, ultimately, their patronage for a very long time. That has proven itself out time and time again.

We want to do more than make sure that customers are aware of you. We will bring them emotionally closer to your company by engaging them in a common narrative. We will tell your story and involve your brand in stories about things they’ll enjoy and associate your brand with. When your company is paired with stories your clientele holds dear, you won’t just have customers, you’ll have FANS and that’s exactly what we do best: build fans for your business.

Our expert driven team is made up of marketers, game experts, experienced critically acclaimed, award winning filmmakers, and business administrators. We will consult with you and help you to determine the best and most cost effective strategy from our extensive menu of options.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that working with Seelie Studios is also a lot of fun!  Call us and let’s get that conversation started.