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The Bob and Angus Show (Branded Series)

Bob and Angus host a weekly TV show about games, specifically Mayfair Games. Also, they are sheep. We created this groundbreaking 13 season, nearly 200 episode branded multimedia series for Mayfair Games. The show ran for more then 5 years and led us to travel across the USA with our sheepish friends, visiting conventions and fans with them. Bob and Angus played on video screens in the back of taxi cabs, were in a  commercial that played in times square in New York city and there were even giant blow up versions of the geekie sheep at the Gen Con Gaming Convention. The above is an episode from our spoof series where we lampooned popular films and TV shows, Bob and Angus style.  When the good folks at Mayfair Games decided to hang up their gaming hats and sell the company to others, the show ended. We loved working with them and collaborated very well with their branding and creative team.

The Bob and Angus show was produced and directed by our founder, the late Don Dehm. Our amazing Seelie Studios crew churned out an episode a week from script to edit to release during each season, on time and very, very well.

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The BOB and Angus Show (c) Mayfair Games
All elements used with permission.

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