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El Patron (the Master) The Series


In this exciting new narco crime drama series, troubled DEA Agent Antonio Gomez (Rogelio Camarillo, Jr.) and his stalwart partner Agent Javier Martinez (Fausto Olmos) return to Arizona from deep cover as cartel members in Mexico to confirm their suspicions that their handler, the enigmatic, New York bred, Agent Marc Jans (Eric Schumacher) is a traitor. The two are convinced that Agent Jans is responsible for the deaths of many of the agents under his command. A clandestine meeting between the three however leaves Antonio and Javier lying unconscious, thanks to agent Jans' legendary hand-to-hand combat skills.

As Antonio and Javier regroup, they realize that they are now marked as rogue agents and their only hope for survival lies in navigating the complex and terrifying world of competing crime bosses in southern Arizona. Their journey will cause them to ally with Carly (Gia Gerardo), a prostitute desperate to escape the life she's been trapped in. Carly has mixed loyalties, however, despite that she may very well be in love with Antonio.


In a world where everyone lies to survive, who can be trusted?

The series was produced in partnership with Arclight Pictures and Cozy Seal Entertainment.


A Seelie Studios Original Series.


El Patron (The Master) was directed by Alan Williams. Also featuring: Krissy Kapp  and Josh Mattison

Series IMDB Page:

El Patron (The Master) (c) 2017-2019

Seelie Studios, LLC, all rights reserved.

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