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Photo of Eric Schumacher
Photo of Eric Schumacher as Doc Holiday in the feature film Tombstone Rashoman
Photo of Eric Schumacher in a suit and tie looking a the camera

Company President
Eric Schumacher

Eric Schumacher is a critically acclaimed and award winning Actor/Filmmaker with a steadily growing list of successful film, local and national television, and multimedia projects under his belt.

Eric was raised by a family of actors. His education and experience in theater, film and voice acting began at the age of 6 and continued through his childhood and into adulthood.

Among his teachers and mentors were his parents, actor Paul Schumacher, and actor/voice coach Joan Schumacher, the late actor Paul Mantee (Robinson Crusoe on Mars/ Cagney and Lacy, Etc.), the late voice actor Lucille Bliss (Smurfette on NBC’s the Smurfs) and many more. Eric has also formally studied film and video production, martial arts, marketing, and progressive business philosophies, which is incorporated into the culture of every film set he runs and into the corporate culture of Seelie Studios.

Eric is perhaps best known for his work as an actor in Legends and Lies, the Real West on Fox TV where he played legendary law man Wyatt Earp, a principal and iconic role and as Doc Holliday in Alex Cox’s (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Walker) new feature film Tombstone Rashomon. Only a handful of other actors have ever played both roles in nationally publicized productions.

Other notable projects which Eric performed in as an actor include the groundbreaking web sitcom Crewing Up where he played arrogant news reporter Frank Mann; the widely critically acclaimed sci fi web series Zhon: the Alien Interviews (which he also co-produced) as no nonsense secret agent David Killjoy and guest appearances on the 13 season branded series The Bob and Angus Show produced by Seelie Studios for giant board game manufacturer Mayfair Games.

As a filmmaker, Eric has produced or directed feature films, short films, multimedia narrative fiction series, TV pilots, marketing videos for companies large and small, TV commercials, radio commercials, audio books, and more and has won a number of awards in the process.
He is also a lifestyles and careers columnist for former Miss America and Highlander TV series star Elizabeth Gracen's Flapper Press, an online magazine (

A respected industry consultant and a skilled and experienced lecturer and speaker, Eric has been a featured guest on various local and national talk shows, has been quoted in many prestigious publications regarding the film and multimedia industry, is an expert in entertainment marketing and is frequently called upon to speak at comi-cons, film festivals, science fiction festivals and other fan based events.

In 2015 Eric became a partner in groundbreaking multimedia company Seelie Studios, LLC founded by popular niche market media personality and multi award winning director/producer the late Don Dehm.   

Upon Dehm's unfortunate passing after a long battle with cancer, Eric became the president of the company and is carrying on the legacy and the extensive strategies he and Dehm developed together.

Believing in doing something positive with his work and notoriety, Eric is a member of the board for the Forgotten Children (, a non-profit organization which has almost completed a boarding school for some of the more then 100,000 homeless children in Senegal, Africa and a supporter of the American Cancer Society, for which he MC'd a large event this past year. The event raised over $140,000.00 to help cancer victims fight the disease which took his business partner and friend's Don Dehm's life.

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