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We at Seelie Studios LOVE a good story, whether it's told on film, video, via audio or the written word. In fact we love books and the people who write them so much that we've partnered with the good folks at publishing house Hadrosaur Productions to offer some excellent programs to help authors reach new audiences in this incredibly competitive new media world.

Book Trailers

Book trailers have become a critical part of the marketing plan for a book release. Creating an engaging video trailer that captures readers' attention is part art and part science.


Fortunately you can have us on your side. We're multiple award winning filmmakers who have made branded entertainment media for more than a decade. Better yet, through our partnership with Hadrosaur Productions, we have a prolific publishing team available to consult on everything from screenplay development to the trailer's marketing plan.


Here's an example of a recent cinematic-style book trailer we produced for Hadrosaur Productions' author David Lee Summers.


Contact us to discuss:

The Astronmer's Crypt Book Trailer Starring Sara Mirasola

Audio Books

Audio books have become an integral part of an author's release strategy. Producing an audio book requires different skills than writing and publishing a book, however, and it's a time intensive, and often expensive process. The process of marking an audio book includes another set of skills altogether.   More and more discerning listeners are leaving public reviews not only about the story content but about also the production value of the book and, most importantly about the performances of the readers.


Audio book sales exceeded 1 billion dollars in 2018 and according to all of our sources, those figures are expected to grow exponentially in future years. How can an author or a smaller publishing company possibly compete with large releases that use top Hollywood talent and have huge marketing budgets?



The Seelie Studios Solution

Seelie Studios has formed a strategic partnership with publisher Hadrosaur Productions to create a new strategy designed to help select authors to succeed in the highly competitive audio book market. We work with multi-award winning sound engineers, highly experienced directors and a hand picked regular cast of excellent, trained, working performers who can give engaging and enjoyable performances.


We work only with authors we curate and who we believe we can make successful projects for. We are currently specializing in sci-fi/fantasy audio books, allowing us to leverage our existing reputation for the creation of quality sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and fan culture multimedia into to more sales. Consumers will knwo tha if its a Seelie Studios audio book, it's likely to be a story they will enjoy and its likely to be well made.


Once we agree to work on an audio book, our producers will collaborate with you to plan your audio book. We will and submit cast options and complete the casting process, pull together an appropriate production and post production team and produce the audio book to completion,we will can even even handle distribution for you and we will work with you to design a marketing campaign so that it has the best chance of making money for you.

To find out more and to see if you qualify for our audio book program, please contact us to discuss:

Top Secret Amazing New Program for Authors

Shhhhh. We're working on something that will change the game entirely for a select group of authors.  We can't say much now but stay tuned... Its going to be pretty cool.

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